Monday, 10 June 2013

Tomba conducts a workshop for Perch

Perch has begun work on a new production and to kick-start the whole process we were lucky to get Heisnam Tomba to come and conduct a ten day workshop. Seven days are now over, and yesterday, just to make it a little more fun and document the process in a whole new way, I had suggested to the PencilJammers group that we meet at the workshop and sketch the actors.

There were nine of us "sunday morning sketchers" who assembled and watched the workshop, sketching furiously, trying to keep pace with the fast and smooth movements happening in front of us. There were warm up exercises, body posture and balance exercises, coordination with sticks, and a whole set of breathing and voice exercises.

The actors looked like they were having a lot of fun. It was both intense and at the same time so interesting and playful. At times the sketchers forgot to sketch and became engrossed in the action. And finally at the end all the actors and sketchers met and mingled marvelling aloud at each others skills. 

It was an interesting and enriching collaboration, and hopefully a wide selection of sketches will be posted on Perch's facebook page soon so you can look out for it here.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A happy birthday

No, no, not mine. It was my father's birthday last sunday. And being his first birthday since retirement, what better way to spend it than sketching with him! We were a small group and the amethyst cafe was an excellent choice. They just let you be for hours and hours. Leisurely sketching, a birthday cake, a slow family lunch - good stuff!