Monday, 25 April 2011

Remembering the gorilla catcher

This is my first blog. I've been meaning to do this for a while, inspired by many artists and their online sketch journals. I live and work in Madras as an architect and I love to sketch what I see. So this blog is hopefully going to be my way of sharing with you some memorable experiences of mine through my sketches.

I don't really sketch every day, so to start with, and to see if I have grasped this blogging technology this first sketch is a trial. The sketch itself was done in July 2009 during the rehearsal of a Perch theatre production called "The Collector of Memories".  

As a warm up exercise the director, Rajiv Krishnan, placed a bunch of assorted everyday items on the side of the stage which included a dried root of some plant, a swimming kick-float and a piece of thermocol packing material among other things. One by one each actor had to come up onto the stage and use any prop he or she wanted to be the Gorilla Catcher. The rest of the actors sat off-stage and gave combined sound effects to which the actor had to respond through his or her improvised sequence changing props if necessary. It was great fun!

The rehearsals went on for pretty much the whole of July 2009  at Spaces, in Besant Nagar. Unfortunately the production never happened for various reasons.


  1. Nice sketches and an interesting write-up. I tried to imagine you chasing a gorilla with these props, but the images that came were only of you running away from the beast. :)
    Hope to see frequent posts from you.

  2. awesome! brings back memories :-) hope to see you on stage soon. still remember 'rub it!' :-)

  3. Absolutely, delightfully brilliant! I am a follower.

  4. awww, the gorilla catcher. yes Kalp "rubbit" wonly!