Friday, 17 June 2011

Line reading at Rangashankara


These three sketches were done during the first run of shows of Ms Meena at Bangalore in july 2010. Every morning the cast and crew would assemble at Rangashankara after breakfast at ten for a feedback session of the previous day's performance by the director. After this everyone would go up into the audi and the actors would start their line-thru.

The entire play is run - dialogues only without much feeling, just as a sort of refresher exercise and this is done without fail every day. Since feeling and acting doesn't have to come into it there is some light-hearted horsing around and the actors don't necessarily sit together in a circle or any such formal arrangement. All three of these sketches were done during the line thru and all the actors were participating from different parts of the audi, wherever they sat or stood.


  1. Do most drama groups do this, or is it a Perch speciality?

  2. I'm not really sure.... as I'm always with Perch. But I know we certainly didn't do this for our college plays :)