Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wimbledon Finals at Santhome

Last night was the ladys' finals at Wimbledon and we went over as usual to Anu and Uk's at Santhome. Its become a regular routine. We all enjoy cricket and tennis enormously and they are just down the road. Tarun upstairs has a dalmatian named Gypsy and there are two cats (also black and white to go with the theme as it were) so we're a motley bunch.

I'm usually the most focussed at watching sports. Anu resigned-ly plays hostess while Tarun, Uk and the various pets fight over the bean-bags. I will invariably call them all to order every now and then, but what with me painting the scene yesterday and the boys all glued to their various gadgets we all missed match point!


  1. Lovely sketch!
    I never expected Kvitova to overpower Sharapova as easily as she did. Like Federer was at his peak, Kvitova is very relaxed on court and that helps her in her strokemaking.

  2. The detail in ur sketches is absolutely amazing.

  3. Thank you Nifty, and really welcome your comments :)

  4. I love your Marina beach and Wimbledon sketches. They're beautiful.