Thursday, 11 August 2011

Back from Kochi

Last weekend was spent in Kochi with Perch, where we put up Ms. Meena again. I did a bunch of sketches in a sketchbook but ever since I got back I've been so swamped with work that there's been no time to put the finishing touches to them. On my way out to Kochi I was so pumped up about sketching and determined to do a sketch in the airport even before we took off. I had loaded my hand baggage with sketching material and then I couldn't find a place to sit at our currently terrible Madras airport. On the flight I was at a window looking out at monsoon clouds.

So, feeling that lugging all those books and art material would be a waste I checked it in on the return flight. And then it turns out we're in a cute little dinky aircraft with only two seats per side and I got the aisle but had no sketchbook! Bummer! Some hotel stationery came to my rescue. The paper's really thin so I thought I'd share it with you before I try and put watercolours on it. Never know if the sketch will live thru that.

The show went really well and the Kochi audence gave us rave reviews. Will share the line reading sketches with you soon, I hope!


  1. Nice sketch...I thought at first that this was a sketch on the back of a bald person's head.:)
    Congratulations to you and the rest of your group on the lovely reviews that you received.

  2. ?!! Bald person's head? You mean the circular profile of the aircraft? That's hilarious.

  3. i go for the air sickness bags. they're good to sketch on! :)


  4. :) thats a good idea sam!! though i have childhood and teenage trauma memories with those bags! would love to see your sketches though!