Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Madras Margazhi sunday

This year I have eagerly looked forward to the december music season, promising myself a lot of concerts. And so far I haven't let myself down. Sunday was a particularly musical day starting early in the morning. We went to hear Vedanth and Bindu sing songs based on Kabir's poetry. It started at 7 am at Nageshwara Rao Park. It was a beautiful morning and the green outdoor venue was perfect for the songs being sung.

Initially the audience was huddled in front of the stage but slowly as morning walkers and joggers passed by they paused, listened and the crowd grew on all sides of the stage. Here is one such mama in a veshti with a fanny pack who strolled by and decided to pick up a plastic chair and sit himself down near me. He stayed till the end and listened with rapt attention.
The concert wrapped up by 9 and a lot of people including me made a beeline for the canteen at Music Academy after which I went on to attend two more concerts there - a vocal by T.N. Seshagopalan and in the evening Ravikiran on the Chitraveena. One more sunday well spent :)


  1. Your Sunday was definitely more productive than mine. The sketches look good and the characters are almost identifiable.

  2. Great way to speak and capture the event at the park. We personally loved their rendition

    TV Ramprasadh