Monday, 12 May 2014

People sketches at Marina

After a hectic week of work, I found our CWA group was meeting at Marina beach on saturday evening. I decided to try and focus on sketching people like I did some time back at the park.  But somehow the architect in me always gets drawn to straight lines and perspectives so just to get that out of the system I did a quick one of "Endrum Vasantham Cool Bar" a shack that sold water and soft drinks on the beach.
Then I told myself firmly "only people!!"" and loosened up with this sleeping guy. After that I turned around 180 degrees exactly where I sat and before I knew it another perspective sketch. Oh no! What's wrong with me :(
An hour had gone by and I could stay at most another hour. By then I realised I was on the last 3 pages of my sketchbook so I decided to make it count.
Lot of people just come and sit on the promenade wall as its the largest free open space with great breeze.
By then we were a group of 6 or 7 sketchers so I sneaked one of Kandaswamy. That guy in the upper corner was on his phone the whole hour and probably longer after I left.
And I finally reached the last page of my sketchbook. It's a fat one that I inaugurated in June 2011. Felt great to reach the end and then flip back and look at the journey. By 7.30 I wrapped up at the beach and headed to a friend's house for dinner. Their daughter is six and a half months old and moves with blinding speed on the floor!


  1. I can see that you had a nice time at the beach. Your people sketches are pretty good and the one of the person sleeping on the concrete bench is really nice.

  2. Dear need to loosen up a LOT more. Let your pen flow.
    All your people are stiff and straight. I always found people on the beach slouched and were shapeless masses, mostly obese. You seem to have found people in great shape and holding very good postures! Nithya Balaji

  3. Thanks for your candid comments! Yes totally agree. People are my weakest :( and have some good days and bad days. But I did feel a couple of these are not too bad.