Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sketches make a place look better!

Over the years I've noticed that while sketching on location the eye and the hand conspire in their own way, omitting certain details and more often than not... dirt.  Garbage which is often strewn allover the foreground of many of my subjects don't get into my sketches. Like this one for instance is a group of fishing boats - trawlers - at Kasimedu harbour. The water is slick with oil.

And this one...
Done two weeks ago. Looks like the sleepy Gaulish village of Asterix and Obelix (well, except for the minaret). In truth, this sketch was done on the banks of the Cooum. The stench was not too bad that morning but the river was a dark stagnant grey. Basically sludge. The huts are hovels, patched together with whatever people have. The foreground and the edge where the water meets the land is not really earth but built up rubbish debris!  Its quite crazy how my hand refuses to draw the refuse!


  1. This is such an amazing way to portray the best point about sketching a place. How do you manage to sketch while you travel Kalpana? I mean do you specially take off time to do it or you do it by chance? I love your work and have been here lot many times. Keep it going... I like it! :)

  2. beautiful sketches! Cheers, Archana -

  3. Thanks very much Tara and Archana for the lovely comments! Tara, I look forward to sketching when I travel. If I'm travelling on work I try to sketch early morning or late evening but if it's a holiday then sometimes I prioritise the sketching. I take sketching holidays too!

  4. Llovely ssketches. I guess you should travel more frequently!