Wednesday, 25 May 2011

IPL 2011

Last night was the first qualifier of IPL 2011 which the Chennai Super Kings won. We snatched the victory out of the jaws of defeat. What a glorious match it was! We decided to watch it at the Madras Boat Cub since they have a large screen up in the lawn on the river front.

It was really crowded yesterday, the parking full and cars parked all the way down the road. We reached before the match started and still only got a table at the rear. The bottom half of the screen with all the scores and stats were hidden from view by countless heads so for Bangalore's innings we just enjoyed the night breeze and our dinner. And then the super kings came out to bat.

Now I'm a highly superstitious cricket viewer and firmly believe that if I don't give my 100% my team cannot possibly win. So I pulled John out of his comfortable plastic chair and we both moved closer to the screen on the side. We climbed up the steel staircase  and sat on it so that I could get a proper view of the whole screen and focus all my positive energy on the men in yellow without getting bothered by the waiters waiting tables and inebriated members standing up suddenly and sermonising one and all.

114 runs of 60 balls, 33 off the last two overs and the whole place erupted when Morkel hit  the winning six!

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  1. Excellent sketch...and done braving the Adyar mosquitoes too!