Monday, 23 May 2011

Office and Home

I just realised its been quite a while since I blogged and I felt really bad! But recently I've started working from home  for myself and some big deadlines have invaded my evening hours so I've finally decided to cheat and put up a couple of not-so-current sketches. Continuing where I left off in the Sankriti post here's some more about my house which is also now my office. This sketch has been done sitting in my living room looking into our office room through the window.

Yes, the other quirky thing about our house is that there are windows that let you peep from one room into the other. So here we see John hard at work (or maybe playing a game...?) on his new laptop last october. This sketch is actually really tiny - 4" x 4" so the size you see on the screen is roughly the actual size. These windows are a very typical traditional design of our region. The black bars are solid steel rods embedded in the frame and the four shutters gives you plenty of options.

And here is another sketch-view of another part of the house. Here I was sitting at the very spot where John was in the last sketch and peeping out at the living room. There is the swing, my favourite part of the house. The Japanese lantern is actually from Japan and is a wedding gift from my mom's best friend. The motorbike suspended from it is also a wedding gift from my best friend who bought it in Kenya. Its made out of thick wire that is bent and twisted marvelously so that the whole three dimensional bike form emerges out of one long twisted wire.

That chunky cube like thing is a box with a lid made out of strong wire frame and the entire surface is woven with dyed coir rope. We sit on it and store our old newspaper in it. We live pretty spartanly.

Oh, and come to think of it I did this sketch only about a week ago so I've only half cheated! But yes, its time to get out of the house/ office and go sketch some more.


  1. Did you realise that 7351 figures in this post?

  2. Yes! I first didn't post this although I liked the sketch just because it was on the back of a torn envelope with that list on it :)